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feria del cantón 2024

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feria de cantón china 2024

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travel to zhangjiajie

travel to zhangjiajie

Rita original 2016-12-29 18:25:40
This week ,we went to HuNan zhangjiajie tianmen mountain.

Mountain is given priority to with luxuriant primitive forest, giant tianmen mountain, pull scatter DouXian precipitous appeal, spectacular scenery, towering old trees, vines and moss all over, strange mountain peak forest, the buildings on the main peak towering clouds, in the main a magic mountain cave, hole more than 50 meters high, 48 meters wide, the locals called "mountain", the legend of er lang shen Yang Jian bear mountain catch the sun, pick up with Qian bear head mountain formed the day it was.Visible through the cave, I saw the clouds shrouded, overlooking the cottage smoke, a poem, "guifushengong created tianmen, mythology and ancient and modern in one thousand. Travel to admire the view, the wonderland, walking on special people."What a fall the bun made in heaven.

Day it was in one thousand, undertake the nimbus of the universe, as people wish, in the spirit of the blessing of tianmen custom, has become a local people pray for peace and prosperity for the coming year, the pursuit of happiness the way of life, become the symbol of beauty and happiness.

Had a poem to prove, "guifushengong created tianmen, mythology and ancient and modern in one thousand. Travel to admire the view, the wonderland, walking on special people."With the nature of reiki, realize the nature of alkaloids in attainments, like in wonderland,  not himself.XunYang tianmen mountain, with its risks, strange, handsome, show to conquer every to reach out to people;XunYang tianmen mountain, make you relaxed and happy, a good place for linger.