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Fenghuang ancient city

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:Rita
  • Release on:2016-12-30
The old city of phoenix is famous historical and cultural city in China, the first batch of China's tourism strong county, has a level 4 national nature reserve, its famous New Zealand writer rewi alley Louis praised as the most beautiful city in China.Geographical location can be summarized as: "East west yunnan-guizhou, yuan Chen, Northern sichuan, South side of the conjugate cassia".Here is ram the miao yongshun, guizhou fanjing mountains, bright hole adjacent to, with guizhou tongren jishou, jishou, which path between the three.As a national historical and cultural city, the landscape of the phoenix will be natural, humanistic qualities of organic fusion in one place, and the prospects of heaviness perhaps its charm to attract visitors from the essence.Old town built in the Qing emperor kangxi years, the "Pearl xiangxi" deserves the name "small", small to only a decent thing Street, but it's a green corridor.

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