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How Chinese celebrate Christmas

  • Author:Kenny
  • Source:Sen Masine
  • Release on:2016-12-19
Christmas is an important festival in western countries, however, it is more and more popular in China, especially for young people. 

Now, let us see how Chinese celebrate this exotic festival. 

1. Give an apple
China is not a religious country, so the real meaning of Christmas is not important. At Christmas eve, people will give apple each other. 

2. Entertainment 
Young people will go outside to entertain such as watching movie or shopping. 

3. Send blessing
When people open their phones or computers they always can receive blessing from their friends, such as an email or message with blessing. 

4. Commercial 
When Christmas is coming, you'll see the shopping mall, hotel,restaurant setting up Christmas trees or hang the Christmas banner. The staffs will wear Christmas apparel and children look forward to receiving gifts. 

This is real China-style Christmas.

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