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How to buy a Christmas tree

  • Author:Kenny
  • Source:Sen Masine
  • Release on:2017-01-18
  • When shopping, test the tree by giving it a slight shake. A few falling brown needles are not uncommon, but falling green needles mean the tree is dry.

  • Look for a full, symmetrical shape. You can sacrifice a bit of perfection if the tree will be displayed in a corner. Be wary of branches near the ground that may have to be removed to fit into a tree stand.

  • Feel the tree. The needles should be flexible but snap when bent sharply. Trees with stiff needles that are losing their color should be avoided. Also avoid a tree with needles that pull off very easily.

  • Be certain your vehicle can safely transport the tree you purchase to your home. Bring rope or bungee cords to secure the load adequately. Take care to protect your vehicle because tree branches and resin can mar the finish.

  • When you get the tree home, cut a 1/2-inch-thick disk from the base. (or Lowe's can make the cut for you.) This slice is critical; when trees are cut in the field, they produce a layer of sap that seals the cut. This layer prevents water from rising up the trunk. The cut opens the vascular system for water intake. Ideally, after making the cut, place the tree in a bucket of water and let it absorb fresh water for several hours before placing it in the tree stand.

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