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how to select a good christmas tree

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  • Release on:2016-11-09

As is known to all, the real Christmas tree is a constant green tree such as fir or pine, but everyone knows that decorate a Christmas tree truly quite time-consuming and managers, and later to maintain a real tree is time-consuming, because the true tree needles will keep falling, spray to the flow of the earth on the tree also can appear messy, there are some people who are allergic to the green tree, and thus more and more people choose artificial "Christmas tree" -- artificial Christmas trees, artificial Christmas trees, of course, actual it is the so-called "fake" Christmas tree.
Buy fake Christmas tree in front of the matters needing attention:
Before buying fake Christmas tree, preferred to determine the size, style, height of the Christmas tree.Artificial Christmas tree in general there are three types: plump, slim, tall.Artificial Christmas trees can be made into different heights, from is as tall as the table to high 12 feet can be made.Choose at random, and is not a real tree height of the Christmas tree to choose to suit your own home, make sure the house has plenty of room do you want to buy artificial Christmas tree.
Select material of artificial Christmas trees
Artificial Christmas tree branches type: there are two types of branches, one kind is chain, one kind is hooked, chain branch is made up of several parts, he chain bonding structure is easier to decorate, hooked connection of the Christmas tree, need to spend more time to assemble it, so a lot cheaper.
Material: artificial Christmas trees are usually adopted two kinds of plastic material, PVC and PE.PVC branches is through line connection.All PE woven artificial Christmas tree, pine needles and the branches are very good as a whole, looks more like a "real" tree.
Pine needle material: when more artificial Christmas trees gradually replace green after a real tree, the tree pine needle material is constantly changing, the material of metal wire, feather is the most representative, main is given priority to with white, aureate.But more artificial Christmas trees are placed on the table, tree of metal material can meet the needs of the various sizes.
There are all kinds of size price: artificial Christmas trees, so the price is not the same.The quality of artificial Christmas trees and extra demand decide the final price.The finished product price is relatively cheap, additional custom price will be higher.
Life contains items: artificial Christmas trees generally for 10 years, some should have warranty, plastic is shorter than the life of the metal, some Christmas tree also contains additional items, such as: store content bag, Christmas tree must fire and do not fade.
Purpose: according to the actual place space and location choice of the tree, for example on the table, it should choose the artificial Christmas trees, if is the kitchen or sitting room, should choose suitable according to the height of display space and the Christmas tree.
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